Test your Reaction time!

Don't be a dummy!This is a quick and easy reaction tester - how do you measure up?

This test will determine how quickly you respond when things run out... Remember that when you are driving you might be taken by surprise!

To test your reactions you have to fire a tranquilliser dart in order to stop five sheep rushing for freedom where they could get run over on the road! It's easy to play - you have to click your mouse button five times - and each game lasts under a minute. You get your results at the end of the test - it will tell you how long it took you to react to the running sheep.

The reaction categories are: sluggish snail, ambling armadillo, bobbing bobcat, rocketing rabbit, or turbo-charged cheetah.

In the car you never know when things will happen - just like in the car, make sure that you are ready when the sheep run out!

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