Get a grip!

Your tyres are your only contact with the road - bearing this in mind you must treat them with tender loving care.

No matter how well your driving instructor helps you to learn to drive, or how quickly you pass the driving test, if your car has defective tyres there is a real risk that you won't be behind the wheel for long...

One of the ways that you can show love and affection for your tyres is to check their pressures regularly - at least once a week.

Will your tyres pass the driving testTyres should be checked when they are cold. This means you should drive no further than your nearest garage to check them.

When you drive, friction causes your tyres to heat up, this, in turn, causes the air inside to expand and the pressure to increase. If you check tyres when they are warm you will get an inaccurate reading (manufacturer's recommended tyre pressures are for cold tyres).

Check your tyres!

If you neglect your tyres you run the risk of blow-outs and consequently, an increased accident risk. Often people say 'It happened so quickly, there was nothing I could do!" (use your web browser's back arrow to return to this page if visiting the blow-outs page).

In reality, tyres usually take weeks or months of neglect before they burst ... It's your choice!

Ask your driving instructor to teach you how to check tyres for wear, damage and pressure (most good instructors will do this as part of a 'garage routines' lesson).

You will find more information about vehicle safety in the Full DriverActive Online course.

This information is not only essential for safety while you are learning to drive - it is absolutely essential for safe driving after you pass the driving test.