No excuses...

Furry dice maybe - but don't gamble on safety!Ultimately (or fortunately!), the driver is responsible for the safety of any vehicle that he/she is in charge of. Whether you are learning to drive with a driving instructor, friends or parents, the rule is the same - there are no special rules for learner drivers.

We've said in other places on the site that we don't want to preach to new drivers about what they should or shouldn't do... You have to make your own mind up about what you think is acceptable. But be prepared to face the consequences if you take risks...

Regardless of who a vehicle belongs to, if there is a problem the person behind the wheel is fully or jointly responsible in the eyes of the law. For example, if you are driving an unroadworthy car that belongs to someone else it's no use blaming them when you are stopped by the police.

If a friend loads a vehicle for you, check the load to satisfy yourself that the load is safe. Likewise, check that all passenger's doors are securely closed before staring to drive.

If you borrow someone else's car, make sure that it is roadworthy and properly insured before driving.

A car to die for...

It's great to care about your car - to personalise it with spoilers, a paint job, alloy wheels... And if you absolutely must, furry dice (yuk!). But all of this stuff is second to safety - first spend your money on an MOT and make sure your car is 100% roadworthy.

It's your licence, and your life and your friends' lives that you are dicing with if the vehicle you drive doesn't cut it

If the vehicle you are driving is not roadworthy, you might well find that, as well as being legally responsible, your insurance might also be invalidated. If you have recently passed your driving test, you could be ordered by the courts to take another one - back to 'L' plates! Some new drivers aren't so lucky, they end up in prison - and worse, some never make it out of the hospital.

You will find more information about legal requirements in the Full DriverActive Online Course.

This information is not only essential for safety while you are learning to drive - it is absolutely essential for safe driving after you pass the driving test.