Test day check list

test check listEven if you are using a driving school car for the test, it is your responsibility to ensure that it meets all the legal requirements of roadworthiness, tax and insurance and that it is fit for the purpose of the test in line with current regulations.

Having said that, it is reasonable to assume that your instructor's car will meet all the requirements;if not you will probably have a valid claim against him/her - but always check the conditions under which the car is supplied for test purposes.

The test car

The car used for your driving test must:

  • Be taxed, insured and in a roadworthy condition
  • Display L plates to the front and rear (or D plates in Wales)
  • Have mirrors that enable the driver to see following traffic clearly while seated in the normal driving position
  • Have an additional rear-view mirror fitted for the driving test examiner
  • The front passenger seat must have a functional seat belt and head restraint
  • Have all lights, indicators, brake lights, horn and other essential equipment (seatbelts, etc.) in working order
  • Be fitted with undamaged tyres that meet legal requirements
  • Have clean and clear windows – 'L' plates must not be displayed in front or back window

You must:

  • Wear spectacles or contact lenses if you normally need them for driving
  • Have the required documentation
  • Be in a fit and proper condition to drive. This means that it is never appropriate to have a drink, even a small one, to calm your nerves. Remember – drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs before driving is extremely dangerous.