A bit of history and a few myths!

Driving Test CentreThe compulsory driving test for all drivers was introduced in 1935 - the first person to pass the test was Mr R.E.L. Beere who paid seven shillings and sixpence for the test appointment - that's around 38p in modern money!

Since that first test there have been many changes, the most recent being the introduction of 'independent driving' in 2010. The video on this page shows the way it was done way back in the 1930's.

You can see the full history of the driving test on the Government (DVSA) web site.

As we mentioned on the previous page, the single most common reason for test failure is probably the fact that people attempt the test before they are ready.

Driving test examiners will confirm that as many as 25 per cent of all those taking the test are so ill-prepared that they wouldn't even pass with luck on a good day! The overall pass rate for the test hovers around 50 per cent and has remained much the same since 1950 - but there are variations around the country with the lowest areas being below 30%. With half of those taking a test Being unsuccessful it is absolutely essential to ensure that you are fully prepared.

No one passes on Friday!

Untrue driving test myths!

  • They never pass people on Fridays
  • Move your head a lot when you look in the mirror
  • It's best to drive slow to show that you are careful
  • Mr. Jones never passes young men on their first attempt
  • Examiners fail everyone as soon as they have used up their quota of passes for the week
  • The driving test centre in the next town is much easier

When it comes to practical driving tests, there will always be someone willing to give free advice about what will or won't happen on the day and what you should or shouldn't do, a lot of what you hear will be rubbish – people prefer to make up stories than to accept that they were just not good enough on the day.

You will pass or fail on your own merit. If you have listened to your instructor and are fully prepared for your test, you will find it easy. Remember, your instructor's advice is not free! Instructor's are professionals and know much better than your friends and family about what does and doesn't happen on the test.

Driving Standards Agency - Skills for LifeThe driving test is designed by the Driving Standards Agency to examine your ability to drive safely and apply the rules of the road.

Passing the test does not mean that you are a good driver; but it does mean that a highly trained examiner considers that you are skilful and safe enough behind the wheel to drive on your own without further assessment.

The best way to give yourself a guarantee that you will pass your test early is use the DriverActive Course to ensure that you fully understand the skills for good driving, get plenty of practice and as much tuition from a qualified instructor(ADI) as possible.


The driving test 1930's style

The first ever test pass certificate

Pass certificate number 1