Learning with friends and relatives

Learning with DadIf you have an opportunity to learn with friends or relatives - go for it! 

The more practise you can get the sooner you will gain the confidence needed to pass the test and drive alone, but make sure you follow your instructor's advice when practicing - remember that driving is not just about passing a test, it's about staying safe and staying alive.

At DriverActive we don't want to 'preach', but the hard facts are that 1.2 million people are killed on the world's roads each year - 33% of them are under 25 years old.

When you practise, stay cool and stay safe!

The person who sits with you when you are driving must be over 21 and have held a driving licence for at least three years - this is a legal requirement - both the driver and supervisor are responsible.

To get the best out of your practise ask your instructor what, and where to practise. All practise is good for you, but it's easy to get a false sense of confidence if you only drive on open roads and at higher speeds.

Although you will learn quicker if you get more practice, I do have a word of warning. When practising with friends or relatives, remember that they are the ones with the experience. Listen to their advice and act upon it.

If the advice given by the person who sit with you is different from your instructor's, find out why. Get them to talk to your instructor about modern and efficient driving methods.

Some instructors run short sessions for supervisors offering advice and tips to help keep your practise productive and stress free; alternatively you might be able to arrange for them to sit in on a driving lesson and ask awkward questions - they might learn something! If your driving instructor thinks that this is a bad idea, find another one with a more professional approach.

Friends and parents click here to visit the 'Supervising Learners' area .

Learning to driveObvious, perhaps ...

Make sure that you are in possession of a provisional licence and that your car is taxed, tested, displaying L plates and insured for you to drive on a provisional licence. If these things are not 100% OK you could end up losing your licence before you pass the test!

Remember that you are legally responsible. You don't want to get points on your licence before passing your test... Apart from the fines, six points within the first six months of holding a full licence means a re-test.

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